Hospital Mattress

Synergic Italiana was founded with the purpose of designing and manufacturing static mattresses, pillows and specialized aids for healthcare communities. Today, Synergic Italiana is considered the leading company in Italy and Europe in this industry, as we are specialized in the production of hospital mattresses and pillows, made from various types of flexible polyurethane foam and hi-tech fabrics.

Polyurethane foams provide high flexibility, resistance and transpiration and are particularly suitable to produce high-performance hospital mattresses. In fact, the ergonomic features of some types of polyurethane memory foam, improve the quality of rest and help reduce tissue compression of the muscle-skeletal system (All Synergic Italiana specialized mattresses are awarded with biomedical certification for comfort index and anti-decubitus activity).

Why choose Synergic Italiana mattresses

The products offered by Synergic Italiana are at the highest level of the field since we use selected high-tech raw materials. Indeed, we offer a very wide range of mattresses that can meet the needs of all hospital users, from the first level mattress of the “Flex” series to the high-performance static and reactive mattress of the “Synerplus® “S”, “Synstat® and “Synergel® series. Thanks to such a large variety of products, we can meet the needs of all patients, children, adults, elderly, both in ordinary and specialized hospitalization. Synergic Italiana has developed and used Synergel®, our shape-memory thermopress-formable polymeric foam, for over 30 years, thus revolutionizing the technology in the production of static and reactive hospital and specialist mattresses.

When you choose Synergic Italiana’s products not only you are opting for products of the highest quality and performance with exclusive design and production features, but you are also giving yourself the chance to be supported by professionals that for years have been able to meet the needs of hospitals, by resolving postural and epidemiological issues, which can often prevent patients from having an adequate, safe, and comfortable stay.

materasso ospedaliero flex comfort

Flex Series


materasso ospedaliero synstat comfort

Serie Synstat


ausili posturali specialistici

Postural Aids


materassi serie synerplus

Synerplus “S” Series


materassi specialistici

Specialised Mattresses


cuscino memory ospedaliero advance air

Hospital Pillows


Our Certifications

materassi certificati ce

Medical Device class 1 MDR UE 2017/745 and subsequent modifications and additions

materassi igienici e trattamento sanitario permanente

Hygiene and permanent
Sanitation Treatment

materassi latex free senza lattice


materassi e prodotti ergonomici certificati

Ergonomic mattresses
certified by Ergocert

Requisiti prestazionali certificati

Performance Requirements
UNI 10707 REV2003

Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008


Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008