Sycura® Cover

Our  special Sycura® cover is designed and manufactured in order to ensure the ideal protection to mattresses, pillows and all of the products manufactured by Synergic Italiana, as well as to provide the patient with the highest comfort, hygiene and safety

It is recommended in promiscuous environment at risk of contamination, such as hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living homes.

Our special Sycura® cover is made from a high-tech self-extinguishing fabric consisting in a microporous membrane and an internal support made of polyester mesh.

Fodera speciale Sycura
Fodera speciale Sycura

Caratteristiche tecniche


Acts as an effective barrier and helps avoiding the penetration of body fluids (urine, blood, sweat, etc.).


Allows a natural skin perspiration and avoids body overheating, thus providing optimal comfort to the user.



The high bi-elasticity of this fabric provides optimal postural comfort and it is extremely beneficial in prolonged specialised hospitalization. 


Hypoallergenic and self-decontaminating 

Thanks to permanent sanitation treatment, it does not allow the development of bacteria, fungi and mould, preventing from the transmission of possible infections.



Self-extinguishing class 1 and, with adequate paddings, class 1M fire reaction.



Features antistatic/dissipative property; suitable in the application of magnetic fields.


Easy to clean

Highly stain-resistant, easy to clean with a sponge cloth, water and common phenol-free detergents and disinfectants with low concentration of chlorine (max 1000 PPM).


Machine-wash and Spin-dry

Wash at high temperature cycles and spin-dry. Can undergo disinfection and sterilization treatments.

Cost reduction

Thanks to its special features, it allows the cost reduction in the management of hospital beds. Easy to use and maintain, ensures a long duration of mattresses and pillows.


Our Certifications

materassi certificati ce

Medical Device class 1 MDR UE 2017/745 and subsequent modifications and additions

materassi igienici e trattamento sanitario permanente

Hygiene and permanent
Sanitation Treatment

materassi latex free senza lattice


materassi e prodotti ergonomici certificati

Ergonomic mattresses
certified by Ergocert

Requisiti prestazionali certificati

Performance Requirements
UNI 10707 REV2003

Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008


Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008