Neonatology Mattress

Synstat® Neonatology

Neonatology Mattress with base module and safety edges manufactured with expanded polyurethane, polyether type 30 S non-deformable, medium density (30 kg/m3) and medium bearing capacity, and top module, featuring anti-decubitus function, manufactured in Synergel® (density 60 Kg/m3, medium-high bearing capacity), a special expanded polyether, polyester and silicon expanded copolymer, flexible, modeling, thermo-press-formable (viscoelastic – slow memory) and not measurable elastic response (resilience) according to UNI regulations.

Synstat® Neonatology is specifically designed and manufactured in order to meet postural, safety and hygiene requirements in Neonatology and Neonatal Pathology units.

The leaning surface is manufactured with ventilation channels and a special containing shape inclined of 3°, with safety edges in order to reduce compression on body tissues, ensure a correct and comfortable position to the infant and prevent from gastroesophageal reflux related risks.


Technical Features

The padding material is open-cells and alveolar structured in order to provide high transpiration.

Specialised modular antidecubitus mattress with base layer and containing edges manufactured in open-cells expanded polyurethane, medium density and medium bearing capacity and a leaning surface manufactured in Synergel® with ventilation channels.

Size range depending on the neonatal cradle.

User weight: min. Kg 0 – max. Kg 30




Our Certifications

materassi certificati ce

Medical Device class 1 MDR UE 2017/745 and subsequent modifications and additions

materassi igienici e trattamento sanitario permanente

Hygiene and permanent
Sanitation Treatment

materassi latex free senza lattice


materassi e prodotti ergonomici certificati

Ergonomic mattresses
certified by Ergocert

Requisiti prestazionali certificati

Performance Requirements
UNI 10707 REV2003

Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008


Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008