Synergel® Touch Hotel Mattress

Ultra high performance mattress manufactured in Synergel® and special  50S/VE ‘Touch Effect’ polymer foam, lined with waterproof breathable Sycura® cover or with Trevira® CS Flame Proof industrial fabric.


Synergel® Touch mattress features an innovative trimodular padding manufactured with a 40S alveolar expanded polyurethane foam base layer with high density and high bearing capacity, an intermediate layer in Synergel® thermoplastic foam and a bearing surface in 50S/VE shape-memory viscoelastic foam, with ‘wave’ pattern shaping.


The “soft-touch” bearing surface manufactured in 50S/VE shape-memory viscoelastic foam provides an excellent and immediate comfort, enhancing the unique features of Synergel® a thermoplastic cellular polymer able to provide the body with a non-compressive support and help maintaining the physiological posture in order to promote an optimal comfort and good sleep.


Available in different sizes (customizable upon request). The Synergel® Touch mattress is lined with our special Sycura® cover (waterproof, breathable, bielastic, antistatic, self-extinguishing and self-decontaminating) or with heat-set twisted industrial Trevira® fabric cover. The Synergel® Touch mattress cover is completely removable in order to allow sanitation treatments to both paddings and cover itself. 


In order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance treatments, the cover of our double bed mattresses is manufactured in a modular system that allows a 180° rotation of half mattress above the other. In fact, the cover of our double bed mattresses is manufactured as two single covers attached by a junction placed on both longer sides of each cover.

Available in different sizes, customizable upon request.

  • Standard height: 20 cm
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Does not generate and does not contain dust or powder particles
  • Prevents dust mites
  • Permanent sanitation treatment to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and mould
  • CE marked
  • Latex-Free
  • Type approved by the Ministry of Interior in class 1IM fire reaction

Our Certifications

materassi certificati ce

Medical Device class 1 MDR UE 2017/745 and subsequent modifications and additions

materassi igienici e trattamento sanitario permanente

Hygiene and permanent
Sanitation Treatment

materassi latex free senza lattice


materassi e prodotti ergonomici certificati

Ergonomic mattresses
certified by Ergocert

Requisiti prestazionali certificati

Performance Requirements
UNI 10707 REV2003

Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008


Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008