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Mattresses, Pillows and Aids Guarantee

In compliance with the italian Tax Regulations and with Resolution n. 11, 26.01.2007 issued by the Revenue Agency, Normative and Litigation Central Office, expenditures borne by Italian taxpayers for the purchase of Synergic italiana’s products, are deductible as healthcare expenditure (art. 15, paragraph 1C Presidential Decree 917/86), given that mattresses, pillows and all our products are considered in our country, as medical devices class I, notified to the Ministry of Health and published in the relevant register.

In Italy, the healthcare expenditure is deductible when its utility for the purchaser’s health is documented by the medical prescription or by a self-certification of the person concerned, attesting the pathology for which the product has been purchased.

Consequently, the expenditure related to Synergic Italiana’s products is eligible as deductible for the purpose of the income tax declaration.

Please note that Italian taxpayers are obliged to maintain the following records for 5 years


  1. Expense evidence (invoice containing the purchaser’s tax code)
  2. Prescription provided by the family doctor and/or by the  health practitioner, providing evidence of the indispensability of the purchased products, or, alternatively, the self-certification

What is Synergel®

Synergel® is a special shape-memory (Memory Foam) thermo-press-formable expanded polymer foam, whose main features are flexibility, viscoelastic mouldability, lack of compressive elastic response.

Synergel® hugs your body due to its pressure and thermal action and it also allows a regular transpiration of the body tissues.

Instructions for use

All products manufactured by Synergic Italiana are guaranteed for two years, in accordance with the European Regulations, from the date of delivery. 

The warranty covers paddings, fabrics, seams and zippers whenever their defects affect the functionality of the mattress.

The warranty shall not apply where the mattress does not appear in perfect hygienic conditions or wherever such defects are due to misuse or incorrect maintenance.

Accordingly, it cannot be deemed fault or defect, the natural wear, as well as tears, stains, burns, drilling of padding and fabrics due to misuse or external agents. Shrinkage or alteration of the cover due to water washing or otherwise inappropriate scrubbing, disregarding the instructions for use, are also excluded from coverage (e.g.: the valuable cover of our mattresses is manufactured in long-fibre pure linen and high-tech cotton, therefore, it needs dry-cleaning performed by qualified professionals, as indicated on the label).

Mattresses and all our products should be protected from liquids (for this purpose it is advisable to use an easily machine-washable mattress protector).

For an optimal use of our mattresses, rigid supporting frames – non-spring – ideally wood staved, are recommended.

Mattresses and all our products should not be exposed for an extended time, to temperatures above  65° C and direct sunlight.

This warranty shall not cover sagging below 20 mm, since such value is considered physiological for the adjustment of the padding to the body weight (in compliance with UNI EN 10707-2003 as amended and UNI EN 1334).

A tolerance of ±2% on measurements performed, due to the assembling of elastic components, should be considered as normal and not a defect.

The warranty issued by Synergic Italiana covers repair or free replacement of the defective part or component or, where such repair or replacement are impossible to perform, the replacement of the product.

The mattress under warranty shall be delivered at our headquarters provided by and borne by the customer, properly packed in order to avoid further damages, of which the Company shall not respond. Following the inspection carried out by our Quality Manager, should the defect covered by the warranty be confirmed, Synergic Italiana shall provide for the repair or replacement of the product and for its delivery and shall refund the Client of the transportation charges incurred.

Should any fault or defect not be covered by the warranty, the Client will be charged with the cost related to the repair or replacement as well as the return transportation fees.

Mattress Cleaning

All mattresses manufactured by Synergic Italiana require appropriate washing, as described on the label. The valuable cover is made of long-finer pure linen and high-tech cotton, therefore it  needs dry cleaning performed by qualified professionals, (as indicated on the label).

Mattresses and all our products should be protected from liquids (for this purpose it is advisable to use an easily machine-washable mattress protector).

Synergel® and Memory Foam

Synergel® is a special shape-memory (Memory Foam) thermo-press-formable expanded polymer foam whose main features are flexibility, viscoelastic mouldability, lack of compressive elastic response.

Synergel®, with its peculiar composition and its open-connecting-cells  structure, hugs the body, due to its pressure and thermal action and it also allows a regular transpiration of the body tissues.

Synergel® reduces the compressive elastic counterthrust on bone salience, joints, muscles and peripheral vascular system, ensuring a perfect distribution of the body weight on the entire leaning surface, as well as a physiological posture in specialised and at risk of decubitus hospitalizations.

Memory Foam is a polyurethane based dense foam with a specific physical-chemical behaviour.

Memory Foam is recommended for everyone, due to its high quality sleep and for those who suffer from postural disorders (lumbago, sciatica, muskulo-skeletal disorders, vascular disorders, sleep disorders). Moreover, just as all open cells, expanded polyurethanes, it prevents from the proliferation of dust mites and provides protection against allergies.

Because of its composition, Memory Foam as well as all polyurethane cellular foams, allows a normal perspiration and prevents from sweat and moisture buildup.

The main feature of Memory mattresses is its capability to adjust to the body, reducing pressure on contact points, for a better and healthier sleep, without joint and muscular pain.

Memory Foam VS Latex

Memory Foam is composed of a viscoelastic material developed by NASA in the Seventies with the aim of providing an ‘anti-gravity’ effect to the seat cushions of the space shuttles.

Unlike latex, Memory Foam does not provide elastic-pressure counterthrusts, it improves the quality of sleep, does not lead to movements during sleep and helps avoiding joint and muscular pain and rigidity upon waking.

Memory Foam ensures good quality sleep, a correct posture and immediate comfort.

Anti-mite, anti-bacterial, breathable, open-cells polyurethane foam, allows optimal load distribution both in static and reactive conditions. This foam perfectly ‘hugs’ the body in any position and avoids pressure points. It helps preventing disorders of the spinal column and joints.

A latex mattress is made from expanded rubber on a natural (extractive latex) or synthetic base, with an irregular alveolar structure, incomplete and poorly breathable. It has elastic and compressive features, but lacks of shape memory.

It is manufactured through the industrial process of additivation and vulcanisation

Due to its nature, latex is subject to oxidative microcristallisation caused by light and atmospheric oxygen so it tends to flaking and pulverizing, losing its support feature.

Nowadays the allergenic properties of rubber are well established, as they can cause severe allergic conditions.


Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foams are synthetic, polymeric materials made up of 90% water, obtained through air expansion industrial process which determines the formation of the breathable cellular grid, consisting in a dense net of interconnected cavities. Chemical-physical features of polyurethane foam determine its high flexibility, elasticity, resistance and breathability.

Moreover, a very high biocompatibility is also acknowledged to polyurethane foam, such as to allow its use in food industry and prosthetic medical field.

Polyurethane foam has proved to be very useful and versatile for the production of high-tech innovative mattresses, pillows and cushions, as it is able to ensure remarkable ergonomic features, promote the correct night-time posture and help in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.



Viscoelastic Foam

Viscoelastic cellular foamsMemory Foams, thermo-press-formable, are special polyurethane foams with high self-modeling properties on a thermal-pressure base, with no compressive elastic memory.

The advantage of viscoelastic foams is that they are adaptable to the body weight, they ensure an even distribution of the weight over the whole contact surface, thus minimising pressure points and avoiding any damage to blood circulation.

In view of the above, it can be said that viscoelastic foams have the characteristics of flexibility and thermo-press-formability thanks to innovative materials, suitable for the production of high-tech mattresses, pillows and cushions, able to ensure a very high level of comfort and quality of sleep.

Latex Free Mattress

All articles manufactured by Synergic Italiana are certified as high-quality Latex Free products.

Our Certifications

materassi certificati ce

Medical Device class 1 MDR UE 2017/745 and subsequent modifications and additions

materassi igienici e trattamento sanitario permanente

Hygiene and permanent
Sanitation Treatment

materassi latex free senza lattice


materassi e prodotti ergonomici certificati

Ergonomic mattresses
certified by Ergocert

Requisiti prestazionali certificati

Performance Requirements
UNI 10707 REV2003

Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008


Azienda certificata iso 9001:2008